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Monday, March 13, 2006

I couldn't have just heard that

It's late Sunday night - technically Monday morning and before I hit the hay I'm trying to catch up on TV shows I recorded earlier in the evening. One of the shows was 8th & Ocean.

Now, before anyone makes fun of me, I am still new enough to South Florida that when I see a nationally broadcast show about some element of my new home town I think I'm entitled to watch an episode or two.

Anyway, the show was the premiere of 8th & Ocean, and the scene was several of the male models discussing women and hot bodies and all the beautiful people in the area, while they prepared to go out to a nightclub.

One of the guys, Vinci I believe, made a gleeful comment about "anus, everywhere." Something about when he saw it he'd call and, oh nevermind.

Now, maybe I'm getting old. But I don't think I've ever heard anyone get publicly geeked up about the "a" word he mentioned, unless they were an adult film producer or actor. And I wouldn't have heard that directly mom in case you're reading this. I would have heard about it. I mean complementing a standout body part is natural. I distinctly remember my guys and I commenting on that related body part that also starts with "a," the one that in PG-13 arenas is acceptably referenced as booty, butt, behind, etc.

But you complement standout body parts because you can SEE them. They catch your eye. Even if, God forbid, the part the model mentioned is on your mind when you're out on the town, how exactly do you offer a compliment on it? On second thought, don't answer that.

I don't know. Guess I am getting old. But in case I'm right and that comment on the show was way off the wall, then that scene will fall under the banner of lacking Burnettiquette.

Later, till later in the morning.


  • all right, I've read a few of the postings, but in doing so a questions comes up that begs an answer: WHAT MAKES YOU SUCH AN EXPERT ON SOCIAL ETIQUETTE? Cuz you were 'raised right' or can say please and thank you in the right order?

    For us to believe you're human like the rest of us and not the latest winner of Ettiquette Idol you need to post some exampls of when you've been called out for misbehaving...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:47 PM  

  • Mr. Burnett, I think it's safe to say that you, like Santino Rice, are an "arbiter of taste."

    (Clearly "anonymous" doesn't see the anus from the palm trees. How safe to post as "anonymous" ... or shall we say, analymous? Show your face, er ... butt ... when posting such an opinion.)

    PS ... "Cuz" is so eighties ... learn how to spell, please.

    By Blogger Manola Blablablanik, at 3:29 PM  

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