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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Weekly Behavior Awards

OK, I confess I'm feeling too lazy to wax poetic about chowderheads and wonderful people this evening.

To be fair, I'm exhausted. I've spent the better part of this day, one day before my vacation officially begins, wading around a pond in my backyard trying to rescue a couple of stubborn catfish before my wife called Peta on me for cruelty. She could've called 'em. I just figured she should wait to invite 'em over on a day I was planning to barbecue.

But I digress. The fish are safe. The pond is patched. Tomorrow they'll be back in their home, hopefully no worse for the wear.

So on to the awards.

This isn't connected to South Florida at all - though it's strange enough to have happened here, but Biggest Bum goes to Eric D. Adams of Plain City, Ohio. Lots of people have beef w/relatives. But at his step daughter's wedding reception Saturday, Adams reportedly grew impatient over how long it was taking for the wedding cake to be cut, so he (allegedly) lost it and stabbed his step kid's biological dad and her brother. They'll be OK. But you have got to be really hungry, a bad person, or head sick to cut someone over a slice of cake, and at a wedding no doubt.

The Good Behavior Award goes to whichever of my neighbors called the cops on a loud drunk a couple of blocks away who was threatening to beat a woman to death. My wife and I were taking a stroll, heard the commotion and that specific threat and decided we should call. Police showed up seconds later though - so someone else must've called 'em first - and confronted the knucklehead. The woman was unscathed. The knucklehead was arrested. All's good.

If you've been following this blog, then you've read my rantings lately about those "Stop Snitching" t-shirts and the police "blue wall of silence" and how both sides are wrong for letting misplaced loyalty keep them from reporting criminal behavior by a co-worker, neighbor, etc.

So any time Joe Citizen can make the effort to dial 911 and bust out a criminal - even though it's the unpopular thing to do - kudos to him.


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