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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Catching up on the Memoir Meme

I am a hypocrite. But I tell you guys that all the time.

In this case, I'm talking about my meme hypocrisy. I like sending them out for other people to do, but I hate being tagged for 'em, 'cause it requires me to think. And there is a limit to the amount of time each day I like to think. Once I past that limit, my brain begins to hurt like I got punched in it. I stop thinking. And I watch Family Guy and Futurama reruns.

But when a friend calls on you, you can't turn them down. And I consider Melissa, from Spoke in the Wheel, a friend.

So Melissa tagged me a while back with a meme. The challenge was to write your memoirs in six words or less. I promised her I'd get to it. So here we are.

You have to understand that my reputation with my editor is that when he gives me a 20 inch limit for a story, I have a bad habit of submitting a 25 inch story. He knows that I'm prone to do this, so while he won't admit it - not with a straight face, anyway, I'm sure he sometimes tells me 20 inches, when he really has 25 inches to spare, 'cause he knows I'm gonna take the extra five inches anyway. Does that make sense? If not, the abbreviated version is I'm often long-winded.

It's hard for me to say hello in six words or less.

Anyway, here's my memoir: I always considered myself even-keeled.

And since I consider memes to be torture, when I'm on the receiving end, I refuse to suffer alone.

Og, M@, Grizzbabe, Stewart, and Pamela, consider yourselves tagged. And the rest of you, all of you, you don't have to post the meme to your own blog if you don't want to. But let's have some fun with it. In the comments section here, let's have your six-words-or-less memoirs.

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