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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Puff puff, please!

Thought I was gonna finish that fragment with "pass" or "give," didn'tcha!

But I believe in eating vegetables not inhaling them, unless they're covered in cheese sauce.

Still, we all have our vices. The question is how, when, and where do we indulge, if we insist on indulging?

I can tell you one place that's a no go: your front yard, when there are children running around. My wife and I were doing a little yard work a day or so ago when she noticed one of the rowdies in the apartment building across the street from our house lighting up a left-handed cigarette. Hey, we were both in college once. We know what that lighting process looks like. As he puffed - and eventually passed out on the stoop in front of his building - kids were running around him playing, oblivious, I think, to his actions.

That, my friends, is bad Burnettiquette. That puffer will be the same cat complaining in 10 years when his kid's a teenager and is putting something other than food into his own body. Kids are gonna find out about this stuff quickly enough when they become school age. Do we really have to speed up that "learning" process by indulging in front of them?


  • indeed. keep that crap in your house or the bathroom at the bar...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:07 PM  

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