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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Miami Doorbell?

Before I moved to the Dirty South (I know this isn't Atlanta) late last year, one of my biggest beefs in Milwaukee, Wis., where I lived was the "Milwaukee doorbell." That's what the old locals called it when a driver would pull up to a home and lean on the car horn to get the attention of someone inside.

I swear I thought I would never hear "the doorbell" anywhere as much as I did there...But then I moved to South Florida. There is a competition on my block (no Big Daddy, it's not in the 'burbs), I think, to see whose friends/family/co-workers can show up earliest in the day or latest at night and lean on their horns the longest.

I even saw a woman early today pull into a driveway a couple doors down with a cell phone glued to her ear. Do you think she CALLED inside to let whoever know that their ride was outside? Apparently not. She was talking to someone on that phone, but every few words she'd give the horn a blast. That lasted about three minutes.

Please, I am begging you people: call ahead to your friends/family/co-workers and tell them "I am three blocks away. I'll be pulling up to your door shortly." And you folks inside, avoid the label of triflin' by reacting when you get that call with a "OK, I'll be outside waiting for you."

I know such transactions are possible. There are more cell phones than people on this planet. When the Matrix is finally constructed in another 50 years we will regret having birthed so many talk-pieces into this world. They're gonna side with the computers. But that's another story.

Keep the peace! Don't "blow" the Miami Doorbell!


  • Yeah, or God forbid, in the absence of a cell phone, get out of the car and knock on the door! Or the person inside knowing the ETA and looking out the window?

    By Blogger Manola Blablablanik, at 11:05 AM  

  • Round our way it's most often taxies which operate this form of "Pompey doorbell", that & they stop in the middle of the street - blocking traffic in any direction, until their customer comes out & climbs aboard.

    Fortunately most other people are more courteous. Except those with over-blown incar stereos! But that was another blog.

    By Anonymous Bronchitikat, at 12:12 PM  

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