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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Gone to the dogs

Spotted inside a Home Goods (sister store to Marshalls to which I originally attributed this second-hand story as told to me by my wife) department store this afternoon: A woman with a small dog, one of the yappy varieties.

It's South Florida. People take their dogs everywhere. No big deal, right? This pooch wasn't on a leash and was scampering freely around the store.

Dogs scamper. No big deal, right? This dog stopped scampering just long enough to bend a fresh biscuit next in the aisle between the pictures and the pillows.

Dogs handle their business whenever and wherever (sometimes - unless you're my dog, in which case you'd better do a Lassie and bark at me that you need to go outside). All dog owners know it. No big deal, right? This attitudinal woman did not clean it up. She didn't lift a finger to help. She kept shopping.

Saddest part of this whole story? A store employee cleaned up the dog's mess. But when she was alerted to the mess in the first place, she sighed and shook her head, but didn't seem at all surprised.

How messed up do things have to be that a dog crapping INSIDE her store didn't seem to even shock the clerk? I feel for the person who's seen so much bad behavior that such clean-up duty feels routine.


  • I don't care if we're in So Fla or not, dogs do NOT belong in stores - or anywhere indoors except their own homes - unless they are in their owner's arms or bag. And haven't you noticed that people who own real dogs don't take them shopping??

    I would have asked that woman to hold her dog and pick up its crap. If she refused, I would've just asked her to leave.

    By Blogger Tere, at 8:32 PM  

  • Good grief, James, what is the US coming to? Dogs in stores? They most definitely are NOT allowed in shops (stores) over here unless they are working, eg: Guide Dogs for the Blind, & thus trained!

    Otherwise I suppose our shops would be similarly fouled by irresponsible dog owners.

    By Anonymous Bronchitikat, at 5:45 AM  

  • Once again, an example of a poorly trained dog owner.

    The reason you don't let the dogs (and other pets as well) run free is not because of the occasional wet floor or pinched loaf (which is in its own public health issue). The main reason pet animals are not allowed to roam freely inside stores, restaurants, arenas, hospitals, and other public spaces is because they are frequently ill-trained to handle such pressures from crowds. A poorly trained dog with sensory overload is a bitten arm or leg waiting to happen. With South Florida leading the nation in new rabies cases, it behooves all of us to take more precaustions with out critters.
    Plus, it won't be long before the exotic animal owner demands that their pet ("He's such a sweetheart") be let in too. Anyone fancy having to unwrap a python from your arm, having your shoes knawed by a marmot, or listening to a macaw replicate a dump truck in reverse during your $300.00 anniversary meal, please pipe right up.

    By Anonymous Big Daddy, at 1:38 PM  

  • I saw a blind man with a seeing eye dog. He picked his dog up by the tail and swung it around and around. The clerk hurriedly came up to the man and asked if he could help him. The blind man said, "No thanks. I'm just lookin' around."

    j/k...I would have kicked that little yapper into tomorrow had it pooped in my pillow aisle!

    By Anonymous tony, at 5:47 PM  

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