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Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekly Behavior Awards - 10-2-06

Examples of extremely good and bad behavior are never at a shortage...except in the Weekly Behavior Awards. But hey, some is better than none.

So without further ado, here are your nominees (and by default your winners):

Best Behavior:
  • From
  • Bronchitikat - "There's the lass who, spotting me struggling with a heavy trolley coming home one day last week, offered to help me up the steps of the railway bridge."
  • From LLH - "My nominations for the best behaved this week goes to two young men, about ages 15-16. I was helping a woman in a wheel chair out of the store, they were coming in. Without thought, each took a door and held it open until we could get outside. Not something you see often. They also asked if they could be of any further help. Kudo's to their parents, who by the way were no where in sight."

Biggest Bum:

  • From Bronchitikat - "The shopping trolley company: - who made such a useful trolley - big carrier for stuff, flat bed ABOVE the wheels for carrying wide stuff, etc, then fitted it with naff plastic wheels. So the 'spokes' on one broke on the way home & I had to carry it, & my sewing machine! Sore arms or what!"
  • From LLH - "I would like to nominate the jerk who tried to kill his supervisor at UM with mercury. A racist fool to be sure (the poisoner, not the poisoner) and less than a total moron. Maybe someone should put something nasty in his jail cell, like what a dog leaves on the street. If you didn't like your boss bud, then get another job, and if this was based on his race then get a clue. Also, James, I need to find the article again and have had a hard time with archives, can you help me out. Thanks."

Finally, LLH, here's a link to that article: Worker charged with trying to poison his boss.


  • Thanks for posting both of my suggestions and for giving me the link to the article I was looking for. It just amazed me that someone could be so hatefilled that they would do something like this to their boss. And what about the co-worker who also had mercury in her cubicle.

    By Anonymous llh, at 9:07 AM  

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