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Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekly Behavior Awards

Three nominations this week, folks.

For Best Behavior -

Og says: the impeccably groomed and extremely gay black man who helped us in Kroger in Dearbornistan last saturday night. He was polite and helpful and very professional, and it was the end of his shift and the store was closing; he had every reason to be grouchy and in a bad mood.

And Kirsten says: Well, I live in Egypt...What do you expect?? :OHere they say that Osama Bin Laden died recently by Thyfoid. That's GOOD behavior.!

For Biggest Bum -

Big Daddy says - Bum of the week to whichever neighbor of mine has had their cracked windshield and spare donut Hyundai sh*tbox backed in over the same 2 spaces @ my condo complex for over 2 weeks. I wish I could attach a picture here to show everyone how lazy this park job is. Notes on the windshield have not worked nor have offers to instruct the driver on the finer points of rear entry perpendicular parking (which in some ways resemble teaching a 5-yr old to color inside the lines). The condo association is as yet unformed (due to a failed condo conversion), so no one is available to pay for a tow to remove this poorly placed piece of puckey pluggin' up the parkin' lot. I would let the air out of the bum's tires, but then the fokker would never get moved.


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