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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

If I was gonna steal something...

Well, I wouldn't. But I'm just dreaming. That's the kind of "if" that precedes things like "a million bucks," "a vault full of diamonds," "a Monet original," etc.

Things I wouldn't steal - assuming I was ever so inclined to have sticky fingers (Again, I'm not!)? I wouldn't steal garbage cans. I wouldn't steal a solitary discarded shoe, or even the pair of shoes someone tossed over electrical lines. I wouldn't steal the lens cap that those rocket scientists left on the Hubble telescope years ago.

I'm just grasping at straws folks. I can't really think of a lot of useless things to not swipe. But what makes me think of stealing in the first place is the fact that Hallandale Beach officials are considering a new rule that would compel retail stores to post signs on where customers should put their carts when they're done shopping and come up with plans to curtail the theft of shopping carts and recover the plundered carts once they're abandoned around the city.

Stealing bread 'cause you're starving? It's illegal, I know. But I could understand your motivation.

Stealing shopping carts? That's just triflin'.


  • There's a Publix somewhere, I think it's the one here Dade Boulevard, that has a sign posted: your cart will automatically stop if you try to leave the parking lot with it -- or something like that.

    (I haven't been to Publix in ages, so I can't confirm.)

    But I'd be curious to try it ... I mean, is there some kind of invisible fence, like the ones used to keep dogs in their yards?

    By Blogger Manola Blablablanik, at 10:43 PM  

  • My Publix (Le Jeune Rd. off of Coral Way) has the same sign. I think it's a (failed) attempt at humor.


    By Anonymous Mujer Maravilla, at 12:08 PM  

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