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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Say it Ain't So!

It's official: Three 6 Mafia has lost it's collective mind and its street cred in my book. reports tonight that the rap group, which recently won an Oscar for the single It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp, from the Hustle & Flow soundtrack, will be collaborating on a song with Paris Hilton.

I don't have anything against Paris. My view on socialites is the same as my view on pro sporting events: the market takes what it can bear. And just as with the crazy high prices of some sporting events, when the public gets tired of the extravagance affiliated with the socialite lifestyle, they'll turn their attention somewhere else. And my motto is typically "Don't hate. Congratulate." But I don't know if I can follow my own advice this time.

I'm writing my congressman and asking that new legislation be introduced banning the use of tough words like "Mafia" in the name of any artist who willingly, eagerly even, enters into such a collabo.


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