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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Props I forgot to give

My wife made me come w/her Thursday night to our neighborhood association meeting in Hollywood (if you're reading this from outside South Florida, yes, we have a Hollywood down here too).

And while I won't deny I hated every minute of it, there was a bright spot in addition to the end of the meeting an hour and 20 minutes or so later.

The president of the association announced in the middle of the meeting that he had a couple of awards to give out for what amounted to good citizenship above and beyond...

The recipients it turns out were two high school students, Kevin and Derrick Cote. During one of those torrential downpours a couple of weeks ago, the Cote boys were out and about and stumbled across an elderly couple in the rain. The couple had gone to dinner, and then apparently got lost in the rain trying to walk their way home. They both fell and injured themselves. When the Cotes found them, they were drenched and bleeding. The boys not only helped the couple up, but called for help, and stayed there with the couple and physically supported them till help arrived.

I'm always giving young'ns grief these days for being knuckleheads. Kudos to these two for doing way more than a lot of adults would have in the same situation.


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