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Friday, October 13, 2006

True or False?

I just finished watching a snippet of Part II of Diane Sawyer's Good Morning America interview w/Mel Gibson.

She told him that a lot of people (me included) feel that booze is truth serum, and anything you say under the influence is a reflection of something you're thinking or feeling sober. The booze just gives you a little liquid courage to bring those repressed/suppressed thoughts to the surface.

He told her she was wrong, that the truth serum premise was "patently false."

I say she's right, but there are obvious exceptions like when you hit on an ugly person in a bar. That action shows desperation and horniness, not necessarily a release of true feelings. No one can convince me that people walk around sober, yearning for an opportunity to pick up Chewbacca and take him or her home.

Of course, if you have an ugly fetish that's a different story. And you probably don't need booze to encourage you to indulge.

What say you?


  • I just saw it too. The only thing I saw was that this man hates himself more than he hates anyone else. Drunk driving is self-destruction and self-endangerment, everything else he does stems from there. He also clammed up when she asked him about his father, the source of his anger. Bigotry is his way to ignore and displace his resentment and self-doubt by projecting it onto others. Just like a bully who attacks other kids because he/she doesn't fit in. I actually feel sorry for him. Hope he gets the help he needs.

    By Blogger I. Ambrosia, at 9:57 AM  

  • The saying is so old the language in which it was first uttered is now a dead language except among scholars: In Vino Veritas; In wine there is truth.

    By Anonymous og, at 10:19 AM  

  • I'm sober right now or I would tell you some of the embarrassing truths that have spilled from my mouth under the influence of less than a half bottle of the lusty red wines I favor. Sometimes things just need telling, or sometimes not so much, but booze loosened tongues will not discriminate between the two. Unfortunately I have never gotten so drunk that I have forgotten what I said or did the next day. I try to do my drinking around friends who lie and swear I have nothing to apologize for the next morning instead of my office staff or my mother in law.

    By Blogger wordsonwater, at 6:38 PM  

  • I did not watch the interview, because I really didn't want to listen to Mel justify his bad behavior and small heart by blaming it on alcohol. I remember years ago, a friend whose husband used her as a punching bag. She would always make the excuse that he had been drinking and would never do that if he had not been drunk. I repeated to her what I had always been taught by my mother and father. "Anything someone will do while drunk they will eventually do sober". He did and she left him. What has happened to Mel is that the veneer of niceness has been sanded down by the alcohol and his true nature is now public. Rehab might take the alcohol out of Mel, but only a long stint of therapy, where he can truly be honest with himself, will bring nice to his life and release the hatred of self and others. What caused him to be such a small minded, cold souled person I don't know. I wish him luck on changing, but until he is honest with himself it won't happen. I am so tired of people with money getting away with bad behavior by claiming the alcohol did it, or the abuse did it, and going to rehab for a few weeks thinking that this will make it all go away and people will think they are once again wonderful. If you, I or anyone else without the money and position he has had been in the same situation I am pretty sure we would have gone to jail, lost our license to drive, probably had a list of charges against us, and not been able to afford a few weeks in a high-dollar vacation called rehab. Go home Mel, I don't care which home, just go home. And don't come back out until you have come to terms with reality, and have decided to rid yourself of alcohol abuse and the abuse of people, all of them.
    You must accept and respect yourself before you can respect others, and if you can't respect others heritage, religion or sex.
    Maybe if enough people decided not to watch his movies or his interviews, and his money started drying up he would figure it out.

    By Anonymous llh, at 9:58 AM  

  • I would argue that in the bar scenario, alcohol is acting as a truth serum of sorts. Sober, someone may be able to suppress those feelings of desperation and horniness but under the influence of alcohol, those real feelings come to the surface and are acted upon. Isn't that the essence of a truth serum?

    Oh yeah, and Mel Gibson is lying.

    By Blogger GrizzBabe, at 4:35 PM  

  • I'll tell ya... I once hit on this amorphous shape (i couldnt' see too well at that point) in a club and it was this ginormous woman. later, my friend said, i thought you were going to drag that back to our place.

    hell no. i was just practicing.

    By Blogger Matt, at 11:01 PM  

  • He is such a wuss. Jews ARE the cause for all the wars in the world. The only reason he took it back is because he makes his living in Little Israel (AKA Hollywood).

    By Anonymous roger, at 8:27 AM  

  • For the most part I think alochol does act as truth serum. However, would we be this harsh on Mel if he weren't famous? I'm always impressed by how forthcoming he is in doing interviews about this stuff even if we don't agree with what he's saying. He doesn't try to hide in a rehab clinic (although I hope he finds one) like most stars do. Having a few family members that are plagued with alcoholism or at least have been in the past, I really feel for the guy. It's a sad thing. I'm the only drinker in my immediate family, and I know it really bothers my dad because of his family's history. So...I feel for Mel.

    By Anonymous Adlib, at 2:54 PM  

  • I think Mel has expressed a sentiment that a lot of white people feel about Hollywood--that the Jews own it all, muhuhahahahaha (insert racist Nazi cartoon here).
    In a way they're right. Jewish guys took a chance on film and music as a product to be sold in the early to mid 1900's when white people were too short sighted to see its profit potential. White people often don't see themselves as being the kind of people who can dance, act, sing, or otherwise perform artistic endeavors, so Blacks and new immigrants took up the stage to entertain the white masses. They got good at it. Because some Jews looked mostly white, they could get financing where swarthier Mediterranean types and Blacks could not. They were able to take vaudeville and minstrel shows to a mass audience that yearned for an escape from the grittiness of urban life and the druggery of rural life. In other words, they made their product sell, just like Coca-cola.

    Besides that, most entertainment is not owned by Jews, but by multinational corporations that sold Xyklon-B to the Nazis in WWII. All the major movie studios are owned by white people -- they just hire Jews to run them. It's just like all casinos are owned by white people (or native American tribes fronting for white people) and the betting is run by Italian guys--the people with the mony hire guys who know the business to run it for them. But never forget where the money comes from originally--white people from Britain, France, Germany, Scandanavian countries and to a lesser extent, Spain. Jews are always their whipping boy when the masses of white people they are exploting get a little wise to the shaft they're getting.

    and BTW roger--I really don't think Jews had anything to do with Korea, Vietnam, or either Iraq War. They were not responsible for WWII--the cause was a madman who's shilling for the white money needed a ready made scapegoat so poor whites wouldn't get wise to the shaft jamming their culo at every turn. They didn't cause WWI either--again, whites using them to cover their own malice. I'll give you the 7-Days War b/w Israel and Jordan in 1947--the Jews did strike first in that one, but that was only after what, 2000 years of believing they'd been promised a patch of earth? I think they were due for a little breakout.

    By Anonymous Big Daddy, at 3:17 PM  

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