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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Breaking News! Vinci is innocent!

It has been brought to my attention that I clowned the wrong 8th & Ocean model several posts ago.

If you recall I took jabs at the male model who bragged in the opening episode about seeing "anus everywhere," like the kid from the Sixth Sense saw dead people.

I speculated that maybe the model was having nightmares from his job at the friendly neighborhood proctology clinic. I wondered where else he might be hanging out - perhaps inside a toilet? - that he might have such a view everywhere and all the time. I opined it was bad Burnettiquette, or just crazy as that bad hot place (no, not Arizona). And I said I thought it was Vinci who spoke those weird words.

Well, a reader and someone I assume to be a fan of the show contacted me this morning and said it wasn't Vinci. I did a little more homework, and sure enough the reader was correct. Turns out it appears Adrian sees dead people, I mean anuses, everywhere.

So, my apologies Vinci. Carry on, carry on. And Adrian? Good luck with those visions, bro.


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