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Friday, May 05, 2006

Worst Use Ever of a (formerly) Cool Phrase

I've already confessed before that I let my wife talk me into watching Bravo TV's Blowout, starring wads of bangin' hair.

So I'm confessing again that last night I watched a rerun of the season finale (I think it originally aired on Tuesday). I swear though it was research. I only watched to see how many times J. Ant got all weepy and whether or not he would again call hot hair cut recipients Baberaham Lincoln or describe freshly cut bangin' hair as Bangladesh.

Anyway, in one scene the boss tells his assistant that he just landed some new big deal. So with one fist he pounded his chest, the way Sammy Sosa (and countless professional wrestlers) used to do when showing love to the crowds of adoring fans.

The assistant's response to this gesture? She told J. Ant to "keep it real."

Noooooooooooooooooooooo! That's wrong. Aside from it just being creepy like when Busta Rhymes and Martha Stewart awkwardly shared the podium at an MTV awards show a couple of years ago, those words weren't used properly.

Stop the madness. I want a law banning ALL people from co-opting catch phrases from hip-hop culture, unless they can first demonstrate in writing they understand what they're saying and where it came from.


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