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Monday, May 29, 2006

Weekly Behavior Awards

Sorry folks, this weeks Weekly Behavior Awards produced no winner for Best Behavior. I didn't see any outstanding behavior this week, and no one else told me about any. Not to say I didn't see general good behavior. But should we really get rewarded for that? That's like rewarding a would be crook for not committing a robbery. Or rewarding husbands for not pimp-slapping their wives, or rewarding kids who don't kick their dads in the shins. You don't get commended for not doing bad things. You shouldn't be doing 'em anyway.

Anywho, the best nomination for Bum of the Week came from Anonymous, who recommended "the 10 or so idiots riding ATVs and doing wheelies in the middle of I-95, around 5 pm Sunday. Idiots is too kind a word actually....Special mention to all the girls showing cellulite pockmarked bodies this weekend for everybody to see. That's just nasty!"

Anonymous, all I have to say is a hearty Amen! Especially, the part about the ATVs on the highway. That is supremely stupid. As for the pockmarks, they don't look good on any body that's wearing minimal clothing. And while we're on the topic, neither do knife scars, or ripples. This goes for you too, guys!


  • I'm not sure if it counts as Bum of the Week, but it ties in with the appropriate time to correct someone and when not to:
    I was at work (bookstore) and a customer came asking to return a book. A relative had bought the book for them on a credit card, but the customer didn't need the book after all. There is a code to type into the register to pull up old receipts and make the return without reswiping someone's card--another co-worker had shown me once how its done. Mind you, only ONCE so I was unsure of how to do it myself. Another person working in the store went on about how we needed the card, and even sent the customer to call the relative and get the info. Then that co-worker repeatedly told me that I was wrong and apologized because our colleague had misinformed me on that matter. The customer returns with the info and just then, the manager pops out; we explain the situation to him and he does the return--sans credit card, by pulling up the receipt in the computer. Just like I thought was possible.
    That know-it-all co-worker didn't say anything else after that. Nor did I, just knowing that I was right was enough satisfaction for me.
    This has been a bit long-winded, but I thought that you would appreciate that.

    By Anonymous Michelle, at 1:34 PM  

  • Michelle I do appreciate your comment. It actually is applicable to another current posting on when it's not cool to scold someone.

    By Blogger James Burnett, at 8:32 PM  

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