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Monday, June 12, 2006

Live from New York, it's the WBAs

Sorry for not posting 'em last night folks, I was wandering the streets of the East Village looking for non-gut-rotting carryout to take back to my hotel room.

But we have several nominations.

For Best Behavior, Og the Neanderpundit, gives this nod: "For good behavior? the lady at the lunch counter at the airport, who made me a sandwich like she was making it for her own child, smiled at me, made sure I had extra napkins (She GAVE them to me, I didn't steal them-LOL!) made sure I had a straw and wished me a good day. yeah, I know that's how you're SUPPOSED to act, but that's uncommon. SHe made my day. Also, as a nomination for the weekly good behavior awards, the fine men and women of the US Military, for bringing an end to the violent and bloody regime of Zarqawi."

Og made this suggestion for Bum of the Week: Borrowing a page from Dave Barry's book, I won't give a direct name of the company. But I'll say Og has a beef with an airline that rhymes with Moonited. Because this is a PG-13 newspaper-related blog, I cannot reprint Og's suggestion in it's entirety, but it involves the airline's bosses and self fornication with a diseased elm tree (Og's Airline Adventure). And while in O'Hare, awaiting the Moonited flight in question, Og overheard another traveler tell an Asian man to "Go back to your own country, a**#$!*!"

Bronchitikat's vote for Best Behavior: The ladies of Portsmouth & District Branch of the Embroiderers' Guild (UK) who have an exhibition on in Emsworth (Hants, UK). The embroiderers' work was creative, and artistic to the point of almost being intimidating, B says. But just as important, these artists are gracious and friendly to the throngs admiring their work - something that can't be said for all folks with standout skills. Just think about certain actors and singers for mental image of what I'm getting at. I don't even need to say which ones.

Bronchitikat's vote for Bum of the Week: "I nominate the idiot, or any idiot, who reckons that the three prisoners at Guantanamo Bay who committed suicide did it as a PR move for their cause. Insensitive or what?"

Well, since once again I'm feeling like a softy, you both win. Og, the sandwich lady was cool. Nice to have someone dote over you like you're family. Also, have to agree with your nod to the troops who got Zarqawi. Support the war or not, this guy was a pantload. And Bronchitikat it is nice to see skilled artists of any kind who are nice people.

As for Bum, having read the link supplied by Og, I have to give his story the edge on this one. Between the airline - which I am in no way suggesting should go and love itself to death- and the racist knucklehead who mouthed off to the Asian traveler, you've got huge Bums of the Week.

Bronchitikat I feel your frustration. The prison at Gitmo seems to be a mess - and I have to imagine that opinion grows whether you're for the war in Iraq or not. Prisoners killing themselves, whatever the reason, isn't a good sign that they're being watched very well.

That's all for me for now, folks. I have to run off to work. Will post again later this afternoon.


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  • "og's Airline Advnture!" LOL! Suppose we can get Keanu Reeves to play me in the movie version?

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