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Thursday, June 01, 2006

What, no jokes?

The judges on Last Comic Standing apparently didn't get the joke during their stop in Miami recently. On Wednesday's season premier they chose the fewest contestants from this area to move on to the next round. One after another, really unfunny people including a chubby Carrot Top imitator, took to the mic at the Improv in Coconut Grove, and one after another they were quickly "encouraged" to leave the stage.

In the end, only two guys were chosen to move on from the Miami audition. Good luck to 'em. But I would've thought there were more funny people around here. What about the clown in the mullet who roars up and down my street at all hours in his '89 Mustang? Surely he's funny. And the pizza guy, who gets angry that you refer to his job (as in, "Hey, you got change? The pizza guy is here), because in spite of that round pie covered in cheese and other crap he's handing to you, he is really an actor or a nuclear physicist. I know he's got jokes.


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