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Sunday, March 04, 2007


I don't think he would have endorsed the festival at the church down the street from my house where church "workers" have raised money all weekend by selling boat loads of booze to festival goers and then send them on their way staggering down my street to their cars, fighting, swearing up a storm, tossing their litter on lawns, and driving off just a weeeeeee bit more than buzzed.

I should've known something was up with these folks when they blasted "Highway to Hell" over the sound system to kick off last year's festival.

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  • Wow. Yet another "alternative" house of worship in SoFlo. Imagine my surprise.

    By Anonymous The Sarcasticynic, at 3:44 PM  

  • I guess it's all about the money.

    By Blogger Hammer, at 4:15 PM  

  • Sarc, you might be surprised, but not because this church is alternative. It's not. It's old, and it's traditional.

    Hammer, it sure seems that way.

    By Blogger James Burnett, at 7:30 PM  

  • Highway to Hell? at a church function?

    I don't know but have you looked at the end of your road for the obvious?

    Noxious fumes spewing out of a large iron gate, behind which blood-red flames launch themselves skyward?

    By Blogger dennis, at 8:00 PM  

  • BWAHAHAHHAHAAA! sorry. that just makes me laugh. i've never heard of a church funtion sellin booze.

    By Blogger Yasamin, at 10:09 PM  

  • might be surprised, but not because this church is alternative. It's not. It's old, and it's traditional.

    Yes. On behalf of Catholics everywhere I would like to apologize... and then invite you in for beer.

    By Blogger Queen of Dysfunction, at 10:33 PM  

  • That makes me ill.

    By Blogger Pamela, at 10:34 PM  

  • Is that where all those Republicans gathered this weekend for that big shindig? I was wondering where they were. I guess Ann Coulter is running the bar and Rush Limbaugh is providing everyone with the special door prizes?

    By Blogger Jay, at 10:49 PM  

  • dang..did EVERYONE in the whole country find salvation in a bottle this weekend?

    or just a select few? vbs

    By Blogger savannah, at 10:52 PM  

  • Dirty SOBs...Whats booze without gambling!? If they didnt have a blackjack table that is an affront to the Almighty!!

    By Blogger Matt-Man, at 10:19 AM  

  • No "Jesus Christ, Superstar?"

    (sorry...that's as good as I can do for a Jesus-reference rock song. And I'm not even sure that qualifies.)

    By Blogger SWF41, at 11:09 AM  

  • The Catholics have picnics here in Kentucky every summer, that pretty much end the same way.

    By Blogger captain corky, at 12:16 PM  

  • gotta love Fl. Of course, Jesus did walk everywhere...he did drink too. He didn't seem much too keen on the organized religion hypocrisy though...

    By Blogger Claudia, at 12:51 PM  

  • Oh James, didn't you know, holy wine is the new vodka?

    By Blogger Manola Blablablanik, at 1:47 PM  

  • Hahaha.. I'm sorry but that is pretty entertaining.

    Other than trash in the yard part, I can't stand when people do that!

    Oh and drunk driving too.

    By Blogger Winter, at 5:55 PM  

  • Something biblical about overturning tables in the marketplace comes to mind.

    By Blogger thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy, at 8:20 PM  

  • Highway to hell? Really? That's hilarious. Sounds like one of those tax godge churches from back in the 70s. The church of the holy keg. Let us prey.

    By Blogger Fathairybastard, at 2:45 AM  

  • ugh,,,,dont get me started on the whole,"church hypocrite" thang.


    By Blogger briliantdonkey, at 10:01 AM  

  • Yeah, what Claudia said! LOL

    By Blogger katrice, at 10:07 PM  

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